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Agile framework

In order to get a product to market quickly and at the same time deliver high quality, we place great focus on the Agile Framework of Scrum in software development.

Term scrum

The term "Scrum" describes a process model for product and project management. The basic idea is based on the experience that many development projects are too complex to be summarized in a full plan from the beginning. Since many things are unclear at the beginning of a project, in this method the ambiguities are continuously eliminated and empirically (from experience) learned and further developed.

Scrum method

The Scrum method aims to bring a minimum viable product (MVP) to market as quickly as possible and then to continually develop the product based on changing or increasing needs.

So that all involved have a common understanding of the tasks, the individual tasks are discussed and prioritized in a so-called "Daily" (daily short meeting). Instead of a project manager, a "Scrum Master" accompanies the team and is responsible for ensuring that the "Scrum rules" are adhered to. He acts less as a classic manager, but as a coach to remove the "impediments" (obstacles to goal achievement) out of the way. In the "Scrum process" several small teams can work independently on different "tasks".

A regular presentation of the progress to the "Product Owner" takes place in the so-called "Sprint Reviews". The purpose of the Sprint Review is to review the outcome of the Sprint and determine future adjustments. The Scrum Team presents the results of their work to the most important "Stakeholders" and discusses the progress towards the product goal. In the process, the "Pro-duct Backlog" can also be adjusted to meet new opportunities.

Scrum definition

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Our Process

Our Process

  • Requirements
  • Design Wireframe
  • Design Visual Rollout
  • Coding
  • Verification Testing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

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