The Principles that matter most

Bix Bytes Solutions

Who we are

Bix Bytes Solutions is your private software engineering company for start-ups and enterprises and mobile, web, and custom software solutions. We work towards bringing your most complex software visions to life with a complete individualized development process designed for you. BBS works with the latest technologies and the finest care to provide the best solutions for your business, while maintaining timely delivery

Bix Bytes Solutions is based in Zurich, Switzerland with operations in Toronto, Canada and Mangalore, Bangalore India. With optimal client care, we have delivered a multitude of projects across Europe, North America, Africa and Australia, that have surpassed client expectations. We work on the latest and cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimum and seamless solutions for your business.

Our Work Culture

Bix Bytes Solutions was established on the principle that inclusivity and communication results in effective teamwork. Our team consists of professionals committed to excellence and skilled in crafting innovative solutions who work together to address and resolve your complex business problems. As a unit we prioritize the quality of our work and client satisfaction.

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