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Reference ASAGO AG - Database solution for strategy development

Mar 21, 2022


Who is ASAGO AG?

ASAGO AG was founded in 2013 and is active in management consulting. The focus is on strategy, risk management, trends, and megatrends, as well as optimal and effective sales.


What exactly does ASAGO AG offer?

At the beginning of every strategy consulting is the recognition and definition of the trends and megatrends that are important for the customer. These insights lead to the optimal organization of how a company must position itself. Successful distribution closes the circle. Superimposed we offer a pragmatic risk management, where the customer can recognize his chances and risks and define and implement suitable measures.

What distinguishes ASAGO AG from other management consultancies?

Due to the very large wealth of experience and practical relevance of the two business owners, every collaboration takes place at eye level with the customer. We always view the company as if we were taking on an important task there ourselves. 

Who are the customers of ASAGO AG?

The two business owners have partly different backgrounds and know-how, which also affects the structure of the target customers. Clients are primarily strategic and operational management bodies such as boards of directors, foundation boards, executive boards, local councils and management boards. ASAGO AG focuses on niche solutions for SMEs in all industries, foundations as well as municipalities and public sector organizations.

Why are trends & megatrends so important for a company?

We attach great importance to this important topic, as it is a crucial success factor for any company. Trends and megatrends offer both opportunities and threats. We notice that many companies do not deal with this topic systematically enough. 

What added value do the databases of ASAGO AG offer?

We believe that systematics and structure lead to success in the short, medium, and long term. With our databases, a customer can ensure this in a simple way. In addition, our databases not only contain logical processes and procedures, but also valuable knowledge in the form of many templates. The customer does not have to reinvent the wheel but can build on the experience of ASAGO AG and other customers.

Why does ASAGO AG work with BixBytes?

Data security and functioning databases with high accessibility are essential in our business model. With BixBytes we have found a partner who can satisfy our needs with a high level of reliability and passion.

How did the switch to Bix Bytes work?

Despite a high level of complexity and comprehensive service packages, the switch took place without any major problems.

How satisfied are you with the new solution?

The availability of the databases is very high, and the stability is very good. However, the most important thing is the good interpersonal cooperation, which is a big part of the success of a collaboration.

Thomas Hirsiger and Renato Sanvido, owners of ASAGO AG